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Top signs it’s time to refinish your hardwood flooring

 refinish hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is definitely a huge investment. It requires heavy maintenance, and as much as mighty the investment on hardwood is, you by no means can afford to ignore it.

However, no matter how much you take care of the hardwood flooring, it is bound to go through wear and tear after a certain timeframe. It will then demand refinishing. Numerous homeowners often get confused if their hardwood requires refinishing.

They keep on investing in the maintenance, but all in vain. Our flooring suppliers in Toronto list & explain some of the top signs your hardwood flooring gives when it requires refinishing.

Does your hardwood require refinishing?

So, does your hardwood require refinishing? Readout the answers to this question below.

1) Excessive scratches on the hardwood: A large number of scratches on your hardwood flooring are one of the biggest signs of the fact that it requires refinishing.

Yes, a few scratches are completely normal, and you shouldn’t worry about them at all, but if the number of scratches is so high that even the rug can’t cover it, you need to get it clear that your hardwood flooring demands refinishing.

Hence, if your hardwood flooring incorporates a lot of scratches, do reach out to the professionals, and see if it demands refinishing.

2) If the hardwood experiences water damage: If your hardwood experiences any sort of damage from the moisture or water, there is a strong chance that it requires refinishing. Water damage impacts the wood largely.

If the water or moisture has damaged your hardwood lately, we highly recommend that you reach out to the professionals, and get things cleared. If the damage isn’t serious, immediate action might prevent the hardwood refinishing, but if you keep on delaying things, you stare at the hardwood refinishing.

3) Discoloration of the hardwood flooring: Discoloration of your hardwood flooring is another strong sign of the fact that it requires refinishing.

Discoloration of the hardwood flooring usually comes into the picture when there is minor water damage. The sealant protection gets worn off due to this water damage, and hence causes the discoloration of the hardwood flooring.

However, timely actions here can help you prevent hardwood refinishing entirely. Ensure that reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis when you notice the discoloration of the hardwood flooring.

4) Moving floorboard: When your hardwood flooring starts releasing sound or moves, bends, or shifts when you walk, it’s time to get your hardwood flooring checked and get it refinished. The age factor is the most probable reason for the moving floorboard.

A structural defect is also one major reason for the moving floorboard. You by no means can ignore the sound or the moving flooring, as it is a strong sign that it requires refinishing on an immediate basis.

5) Stains: Yes, stains never leave us alone, but your hardwood isn’t a thing that invites stains. Stains on your hardwood flooring make it look dirty and damaged.

Yes, you can remove these stains by using powerful cleaning solutions, but if they refuse to leave the flooring, hardwood refinishing might be your only option.

We hope that you are now clear with some of the major signs that hardwood flooring gives when it requires refinishing. Our hardwood flooring suppliers in Toronto highly recommend that you reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis, and get the things fixed if you notice any of the above signs on your hardwood.

If you are looking to get your hardwood flooring refinished, you can count on MegaCity to do the job right for you. The experience of our flooring suppliers in Toronto ensures that you get the most efficient services in a very cost-effective way. To connect with our top-rated team, contact us at 416-546-6355.


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