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5 red flags you must recognize when hiring a tile contractor

hiring a tile contractorHiring any sort of service provider is a tough task. Let’s discuss hiring a tile contractor today. There is a plethora of options available when it comes to hiring tile contractors in Toronto, and hence, things keep on getting difficult.

There are certain things that work as red flags when it comes to hiring a tile contractor. If you notice any of them, you must refrain from moving forward with that tile contractor.

Sadly, most homeowners aren’t aware of these things, and it makes them regret their selection later on.

Top red flags of a tile contractor

Checkout the top red flags of a tile contractor below.

1) Unreasonable pre-pay demand: Yes, every tile contractor has its own set of payment conditions, but if you find them unreasonable, it’s a major red flag for you.

Several tile contractors ask for full payment in advance, which we feel isn’t right. Yes, there has to be some advance payment, but it has to be flexible & in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

If you are being asked for pre-payment and if you feel that it is quite unreasonable, just move on and look for better options.

There has to be a written contract which clearly specifies the payment terms & conditions and all in a very fair and transparent manner.

2) No sufficient contact information is available: Just having a phone number of the tile contractor isn’t enough, period!

You need to have the address of the company, along with the proper name of the company. Not having sufficient contact information won’t allow you to contact the tile contractor easily, as simple as that.

Hence, if you don’t have sufficient contact information or if the tile contractor isn’t ready to give you the full contact details, look for better options.

3) If your requirements aren’t considered seriously: It’s necessary that your requirements are considered as a priority when you hire a tile contractor. After all, it’s your work that is to be done.

Certain tile contractors have a bad habit of overlooking the owner’s requirements. This often gives the owners a sense of dissatisfaction after the work is done. Hence, if the tile contractor you are having a chat with isn’t really considering your requirements seriously, it’s better to look for a better option.

4) If the price quotes offered are unbelievable: With unbelievable, we mean both, low and high. Certain times people get tempted by the low price quotes they are offered and regret them later on as the quality of work offered can never satisfy them.

On the other hand, certain tile contractors offer unbelievably high price quotes, which are just meant to cheat the homeowners. Hence, if you feel that if you are offered higher price quotes, do get price quotes from multiple sources, and then decide on one.

Hence, if the price quotes offered are unbelievable, do compare them by reaching out to different companies, and then decide the best for yourself.

5) If the number of negative reviews is high: Not everyone will get completely satisfied with the services they get. Hence, deciding your choice on the basis of a couple of customer reviews is a bit naive.

However, refrain from moving forward if you see a large number of negative reviews from customers for that tile contractor.

Checking out the customer reviews in this online world is quite easy. Read them out, and if you see a lot of negative ones, look for some other better options.

Recognizing the above red flags while hiring a tile contractor will make a lot of things easy for you.

If you are looking for reliable tile contractors in Toronto without worrying about any of the red flags listed above, you can count on Mega City. Our experienced team efficiently interacts with you, analyzes your requirements, and gets the job done right for you. To get the most hassle-free experience, and at very fair pricing, connect with us at 905-608-9047.


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  • Arun Matthew
    March 24, 2022, 8:51 am REPLY

    Thanks for sharing this helpful suggestions.


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