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Tips from Engineered Hardwood Floor Installer Toronto

Long gone are the days when you would have to go through complexities arising from traditional hardwood floor installation! Now most house in Toronto are entrusting engineered hardwood flooring, mainly for its easy installation process & durability.

Its installation is so easy that you can even install it all by yourself with the help of a few handy tips and tactics. Here we share the engineered hardwood floor installation process.

Your Subfloor is Your Canvas!

Engineered Hardwood Installer Toronto

An artist always keeps the canvas clean! Preparing your subfloor is the first requisite for executing a perfect installation process. Irrespective of the method you opt for, you will have to ensure that the subfloor is cleaned properly until it is dirt-free. Any kind of unwanted material beneath your new flooring must be avoided. Hence, make sure you get rid of any unattended nails, staples or loose boards. All of these minute things can help you achieve a sure-shot solid foundation!

You will need an effective padding between your new flooring and the subfloor. Generally, tar paper is preferred for better packing ability. As soon as you get done with your subfloor preparation, you can begin setting down your engineered hardwood.

Stapling or Nailing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Stapling and nailing your engineered hardwood flooring follow a similar procedure. Place your first row while ensuring that the extension of the plank is facing the wall. Do not forget to leave space for expansion between the boards. This kind of placement would mean that using a staple or nail gun for installing the first row will not be possible. Thus, use a nail punch or nail these boards down manually. For the next lot of rows, using a nail gun would be quite helpful. While stapling or nailing down the boards at a 450 angle, keep an eye out for probable damage.

Floating Hardwood Floor Installation

In case you are going to install a floating engineered hardwood floor in Toronto, set the very first row by pasting the planks to the wall instead of the subfloor. After adjusting each plank into place, tap it against the subfloor. For an even smoother result, you can utilize a painter’s tape too while you proceed with your work. There should be sufficient space left between the flooring and the vertical surface to allow the planks to expand. This is to abstain the flooring from clipping or making any noises after installation.

Gluing Your Engineered Hardwood

If you choose to paste your new flooring using glue, make it a point yet again that you bestow enough space between your planks and the walls. This will guarantee hassle-free expansion. Refrain from rushing through the process and just work in a small periphery.  This will let you concentrate on a couple of rows at a time without allowing the glue to dry. If a situation of excess glue through the boards persists, use an effective cleaner to get rid of the same without any mess.

We at Megacity provide everything you need from home renovation supplies to professional flooring contractors to install engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto. Our team of veterans help us serve you with flawless supply and installation services.


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