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How to maintain your hardwood flooring?

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Yes, hardwood flooring can be a great flooring option for your home, but only if you maintain it efficiently after installation.

Hardwood flooring comes with an amazing look and durability, but there are some maintenance steps that you need to nail from your side to ensure that it doesn’t bother you in terms of early replacement or huge repair costs.

If you have hardwood flooring at your home, or if you are thinking to get it installed, reading this blog becomes important for you as it lists some of the most reliable hardwood maintenance tips that you must know in order to ensure that it stays in the best form for a longer timeframe.

Top tips to maintain your hardwood flooring

Readout some of the most reliable tips to maintain your hardwood flooring below.

1) Regular vacuuming: This is the first and the most reliable tip to maintain your hardwood flooring. Keeping debris away from the hardwood flooring is a must to ensure that the flooring stays clean and there are no chances of it getting scratched.

Yes, cleaning will do the job well for you, but vacuuming would ensure that the areas that you missed out on while regular cleaning is cleaned as well. Hence, ensure that you vacuum your hardwood flooring at least once a week.

2) Cleaning the spills immediately: Make sure that anything that is spilled on the hardwood flooring is wiped up immediately.

Hardwood tends to get damaged easily when something, specifically, the liquid is allowed to settle on the same for a longer timeframe. Hence, ensure that you don’t allow it to settle down on the same by any means.

We recommend that you use a slightly damp cloth. It would make it easy for you to take off the spill. Going with a completely dry cloth might cause the spill to get spread, hence keeping the flooring away from getting completely cleaned.

3) Using the furniture pads: Scratches are the biggest problem for hardwood flooring. The best thing you can do is ensure that you never drag your furniture. Also, we highly recommend that you use furniture pads on the legs of your chairs, table, etc.

Furniture pads will ensure that even if the need for dragging your furniture arises, your hardwood flooring will remain unscathed by the same.

4) Use the right cleaning products: As much as regular cleaning of the hardwood product is essential, you need to ensure that you use the right cleaning products too. Avoid using cleaning products that incorporate toxic chemicals.

Hard chemicals can create hazing on hardwood flooring, which reduces the overall lifespan of the same. We highly recommend that you use something like a combination of water and white vinegar to clean your hardwood flooring. It would deliver you much better results as compared to the detergents with toxic chemicals.

5) Recoating at the right time: If you notice that your hardwood flooring has started to wear down, you need to recoat the same. Recoating implies applying another layer of coating to restore the charm of the hardwood flooring.

Ensure that you recoat the hardwood flooring at your premises as soon as you notice the wear on the same. Quick and timely actions might keep you away from the heavy expenses of entire flooring replacement.

Maintaining your hardwood flooring must be now easy for you. Hardwood flooring does demand certain maintenance actions from you and keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing them would make it easy for you considerably.

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