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Latest hardwood flooring trends

New year & new beginnings are awaiting all of us. Many of you might be looking to get your home renovated and start your year with fresh vibes. You might want to go with the latest trends of everything. Our hardwood floor installer Toronto team lists certain trends of hardwood flooring in this blog.

If you are about to renovate your home, reading this blog will give you clarity on the trends of a very significant factor of the home renovation, i.e., hardwood flooring.

What are the latest hardwood flooring trends?

Our flooring contractors in Toronto list the hardwood flooring trends that you can take into consideration for your home below. Check them out.

1) Natural carpet: People are a bit more inclined towards something natural, smooth, and inviting.
Latest hardwood flooring trends
If you are looking for something simple, yet unique, a natural carpet might be your answer. Anything like natural green or brown might be your ideal colour combination here.

Natural carpet won’t only give your room a beautiful look but also provide resistance against stubborn stains.

2) Exotic hardwood flooring: Nothing is more reliable than exotic hardwood flooring when it comes to getting a reliable, durable, and beautiful look providing hardwood flooring option.

What makes the exotic hardwood flooring so special? It’s the grain patterns that give this flooring a wood-like look. Moreover, some heartwarming colours like deep brown available with exotic hardwood flooring elevate the looks of the room and mood of the viewers.

Some of the most popular exotic hardwood flooring options are Brazilian cherry, Tigerwood, Australian Cypress, etc.

Yes, the exotic hardwood flooring is a bit expensive, but with the view it offers to the eyes, the price tag is entirely justified.

3) Whitewash hardwood flooring: This hardwood flooring type brings peace alongside it. Whitewash hardwood flooring makes a person feel calm and refreshed.

Moreover, the room looks bigger, and of course, beautiful. The whitewash hardwood flooring complements the aesthetics of the room alongside the furniture perfectly.

Whitewash hardwood flooring implies versatility and a cleaner look for your home. With the zeal to make the room or say home uncluttered increasing with each passing day, the popularity of the whitewash hardwood flooring is increasing, and it’s absolutely no surprise.

4) Grey coloured hardwood flooring: Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but it is in the trend. Do you know what’s the most amazing thing about grey-coloured hardwood flooring? The neutrality that it offers.

Grey is a neutral colour that presents a unique peace of mind to a person. A choice between the light and the dark grey shades always offers a point to debate, but choosing one is always a pleasant headache as both come with some great features.

Hence, if going with a neutral colour is a part of your hardwood flooring vision, you can safely choose grey-coloured hardwood flooring.

5) Wide plank flooring: Wide plank flooring implies flooring that is greater than the plank width. Wide plank flooring is available in both, engineered and solid flooring options.

Wide plank flooring offers a whole new unique style to the home. Yes, this hardwood flooring style was out of trend for a while, but the popularity of this flooring type is again on an exponential rise, which is a great thing.

These are some of the top hardwood flooring trends which are all set to rule the flooring demands for a while. If you have figured out the right hardwood flooring for your home and looking for reliable flooring suppliers in Toronto, do reach out to MegaCity.

Our experts will have a brief chat with you, analyze your requirements, study your furniture and walls, and suggest the hardwood flooring options that would complement them the best. To contact us, reach out to our team at the number 416-546-6355.


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