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7 Things to Remember While Hiring a Flooring Contractor in Toronto

Are you planning to install new flooring in your house or office premises? If so, hiring a professional flooring contractor in Toronto is an important decision just as much as selecting the right flooring is. Apparently, while hiring such an expert, there are many things you must take into consideration.

Approaching a professional is always a good decision but choosing the right one is altogether a different ball game. Here are 7 things which you must keep in mind while hiring a flooring contractor in Toronto

Flooring contractor in Toronto - Flooring contractors Toronto
  1. Background Research

Researching upon the flooring contractor’s past projects before hiring one surely helps. Also checking for customer reviews online could give you an accurate idea of their service. Hiring a contractor referred by a known flooring sales company should also be considered.

  1. Reliability Factor

Can you rely completely on this contractor? Would you trust our flooring contractor Toronto team with all your specific flooring needs and requirements? If you are being provided with ample of options and a variety of different types of flooring as per your taste, then you are good to go. However, when it comes to the range of services and type of flooring, limitations amongst these can result in low customer satisfaction. Hence, always check if your specifications and expectations are being catered to with sheer commitment and execution.

  1. Checking for Warranties

Perks are always better. Extra is what keeps customers interested. Make sure you ask your flooring contractor in Toronto about any kind of warranty being provided. A warranty can be availed on the installation process, surface durability, and so on.

  1. Post-installation Services

While consulting several flooring contractors in Toronto, you can enquire about post-installation services. Some contractors are known to be delivering certain flooring maintenance services which can be beneficial to you. If available, these services can help you save up on a lot of your finances over the long term.

  1. Cost Estimation

Everything aside – confirm the cost! No matter whether you are getting a plethora of services and assurances from the flooring contractor in Toronto – it’s essential to get a quote. The point here is to make sure if all kinds of costs, such as installation charges, service fees and product costs are falling under your budget. Your financial convenience should be the topmost priority when planning to hire flooring contractors in Toronto.

  1. WSIB Certification

WSIB is an abbreviation for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. It’s a functional government agency which gives insurance to cover workers from work-related injuries. It is supported by employer premium payments. You should make sure that your contractor has this coverage, or else you could be held liable for any kind of injuries received by the contractor’s workmen on your property. You can simply enquire if the contractor can present the WSIB certificate for reference purposes.

  1. Contractual Agreement

Once you choose your preferred contractor out of all the flooring contractors in Toronto that you contacted, it’s time to enter into a contract. A contractual agreement between two parties is extremely important. After agreeing to certain terms, negotiation and conclusion, you and the contractor can sign a contract. This contract can contain each and every detail about the flooring project, such as payment clause, product quality and so on.

You can also include a termination clause for the contract in case any unwanted situation persists midway during the performance of the contract. This way, you as a customer can stay assured that you will be provided with all the services which were promised to you, at the exact rate which was agreed upon by both of the parties mutually.

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